What can I search for on Snap Fashion?

Use our website or app to search for clothes from more than 250 retailers by taking a photo or using an image from a website like Vogue or Instagram.

How do I use Snap Fashion?

You can choose to shop via our website or app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. App users can take a photo of an edgy street look, for example, and use it to find the exact clothes, or ones that look the most similar, while website users can select images from websites or those they have saved, in order to search for look-alike items. Men and women can then browse fashion items by colour, shape and budget to find and buy the best clothes, with more brands and categories added all the time. Click here to explore more of Snap Fashion’s features.

What is the Snap It button and how do I use it?

The Snap It button is designed to sit in your Bookmarks bar, giving you access to Snap Fashion’s features on your computer without having to leave the sites you’re browsing. Simply put, it lets you shop straight from your favourite online magazines and blogs. Click here for more information and installation instructions.

What sort of images can I Snap?

You can search for fashion items from any image that has clothes or shoes in it. So, you could steal a friend’s look from a Facebook photo, an iconic look from a vintage poster, an avant-garde outfit from an image posted on blog or online magazine, or simply from images you’ve saved on your computer.

How do I upload a photo from my computer?

You can drag and drop an image into a box on our website, choose a file to upload from your PC or use our Snap It button to upload a picture with ease. It’s even easier to select an image using the Snap Fashion app, by choosing a saved photo or taking a new one directly in the app.

How do I add items from my Wish List?

To tweak your Wish List, simply sign in to your account. You can add favourite fashion items by clicking on the heart icon next to clothes as you’re browsing so that the heart turns pink. And you can easily remove clothes from your list by clicking on a heart again so it turns grey.

How do I receive sales alerts?

Once an item is added to your Wish List you can choose to receive notifications if it drops in price, so you’ll never miss out on a bargain again. You can update your Sales Alert preferences by signing into My Account and ticking or unticking the Sales Alert box. Click here for more information on the Wish List and Sales Alert features.

Why am I seeing duplicate items?

We stock clothing from department stores including Selfridges, Harrods, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams as well as individual brands sold in these stores. This means that sometimes fashion items are displayed more than once. But you can filter results by brands to refine your search and choose which retailer to buy from if you have a preference.

Why aren’t I getting results?

Snap Fashion is a cutting edge visual search tool. Occasionally our technology may not provide perfect results but there are a number of tricks you can try to improve them. For best results, take a photo of clothing straight-on and in good lighting, or make sure there is little reflection if you are snapping from a glossy magazine. If your chosen piece is an unusual shape, why not use our built-in tool to cut around the outside of the piece of clothing to improve accuracy? Of course, we may not have any similar items in our catalogue if you are after something particularly unique, but please try again soon or send us an email if you would like some more help.

Who are we?

Snap Vision was founded by Jenny Griffiths, a talented computer scientist and lover of fashion. To learn more about our technology and amazing team, please visit our sister website or follow us on Twitter.